About us

  • One’s Design & Construction is a multi disciplinary Consulting Firms which brings together the Creative Skills of a group of Interior designers. Having been involved with Commercial, office and residential design for more that ten years. As we approach the 21’st Century, your needs not merely be functional. It has to reflect the idealism and aspiration of the company in line with its goals and objectives.
  • The Company has the ability to integrate skillful client / designer Communication. It is with this base and approach that the company and its clients work closely to achieve every scheduled project completion. In addition, by viewing its clients as part of the design team, we make our clients active participants in their vision.
  • One’s design isn’t just about renovation. We want to know lifestyle and the concept of the client. The designers of One’s Design do not impose their designs upon the homeowners, but rather work with the clients to incorporate their ideas as well.
  • We believe that good concept should suggest good design that matches the products and services retailers sell. It must be reflective of the marketing strategy and the company’s business direction; thereby the design is a selling point itself.
  • Considering interior design as an evolutionary process, One’s design works on a Continual level with the home owner to define and redefine the atmosphere in which the homeowner will most enjoy. In short, we believe that a good design is one that manages to crystallize the owner’s desire and turn into reality